We are proud to be part of producing the NEW IH-3 here in the UK


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Length 4,34 m
Width 2.32 m
Hover-height 0.25 m
Dryweigth 240 kg
Thrust duct 1.10 m
Lift duct 0.63 m
Hull Fibreglass reinforced
polyester with built-in flotation (420 liters)
Max payload 350 kg
Top speed Ice 40 knots, Water 25 knots
Cruise speed Ice 30 knots, Water 20 knots
Fueltank 48 liters
Thrust-engine Vanguard 4 stroke, 2 cyl. injection, 37 hp
Lift-engine Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke, 1 cyl, 18 hp
Fuel consumption 6-12 l/h (0.3-0,8 l/nm)
Standard features: Navigation lights, beacon light,
& fire-extinguisher.

Optional features:

Head lights, Searchlight, GPS, Intercom, AIS, VHF radio, Hover-on/off trailer and storage-cover

Note: Specifications may change without notice